Who Are The Better Car Insurance Companies In America?

If you're looking for one of the best car insurance companies, you may find that not only do they have competitive pricing options and excellent finances and track records, but they may offer deep discounts especially if you're a safe driver. They may also have websites that are set up to help give you tips and pointers on how to save money. Use the following useful information to help you to price out different types of insurance companies that can help you with your future car insurance needs.

Voted the best in auto insurance

For the best insurance companies based on customer satisfaction, we turned to JD Power and found that the best insurance company was Amica, State Farm, Hartford and USAA. (See the Survey Results Here)

If you are looking at the breakdown of the top insurance companies, USAA is the best for the military and veterans, while the Hartford Company is the best for policy options. State Farm has the best customer service while Amica is the best overall insurance company. So let's explore these further and that way you can find the insurance company that's going to give you the exact coverage that you need. When you look at insurance companies, one phone insurance companies that is hitting a lot of numbers with its customers is Amica.


Amica offers some of the best insurance based on Consumer Reports which has rated them as being one of the few companies where there were only problems during the claim process. They were also voted by JD Power on their satisfaction surveys as one of the highest ranked insurance companies.

Other great benefits for using Amica insurance include that you will find they have a high financial stability rating which means this is a company that pays its claims out regularly. There are no restrictions that you have to worry about or your claim is being rejected and they also have some of the best types coverage from all of the top insurance companies.

The downside to Amica is that the initial set-up process may not be the best. They may keep you on hold for an extra 20 to 30 minutes trying to get you the right quote and there may be fewer discount incentives that they will have to offer. They may also have fewer online resources when compared to companies like Geico or Afflac.

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State Farm

State Farm auto insurance company has been ranked highly based on its customer satisfaction survey. JD Power has also mentioned that most of its customers in the survey very happy with the service. It's also easy because they have a superior way of handling claims and getting the money back to customers after an accident.

You'll also find that this is a consistent company that has a very strong financial track record and they also have one of the best online tools for getting quotes on insurance.

Some of the downsides are that they don't offer a lot of discounts and that customers may find that this is something that is consistent across the board because while they have better service, they just don't have the big discounts.

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Hartford insurance has also been ranked as one of the best insurance companies based on policy options. They are very reputable and they have helped customers especially with mechanical breakdown coverage, different types of useful policy benefits, and excellent purchase experiences were well received when you set up your coverage with them, according to JD Power.

The downside is that some of the claims are less than average, and they have fewer educational resources online at their site.

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USAA has the best insurance coverage for military and veterans and this is great because they are nationally ranked and help with purchasing experience. They also have a strong and consistent financial history according to JD Power.

The downside is that they don't offer GAP insurance, new car replacement coverage or interior vehicle coverage and there may be other membership restrictions.

As you look at insurance companies, be sure to factor in that these are the best ranked companies based on consumer reviews. That means you can to always go by the funny commercials from some of the top insurance companies because they haven't even been included in our list!

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Ensure you're Insured -
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Disclosure: The information presented is for informative purposes only. The author does not have any affiliation with any insurance companies referenced whether written or implied. Insurance services and their costs will vary for each individual and savings will vary for each person based on a number of factors. Any coverage or rates information have been collected from readily available sources online. For more information regarding the costs of insurance for your specific vehicle, please consult your local insurance services agency.