5 Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance

Are you looking for different ways to lower your automobile insurance? If you are looking for ways to minimize how much you have to pay on your insurance, you may find that accident claims can quickly make your insurance rates to go up! Use this article to see how different ways that you decrease your insurance can help you to save money down the road and also to work to your advantage with your future auto insurance needs!

1. Change the type of vehicle that you drive

For starters people may think that insurance is only about the type of automobile they have or how fast they drive, but in all actuality, it may have to do with that convertible that you're driving or that expensive Lexus or BMW that's actually making your insurance rates go much higher. This is because sometimes the type of car that you have can have a red flag warning that will make the insurance company think that you are going to drive faster or that the vehicle may be stolen. By changing the type of car that you drive, this can lower your premiums.

2. Drive a car that people don't want to steal

This is another area where you may want to think about the type of vehicle you have. For a period of time, a lot of Toyota SUVs were being broken into and thieves were stealing the air bags out of them. If you find that your particular vehicle is hot on the market in terms of it being a new Lexis, Infinity, Porsche, Hummer or other big, high end brand, you may want to downsize.

A reason to consider downsizing is that not only will your insurance be cheaper, but you will not have to worry about whether or not you're vehicle is going to be broken into or if a thief is going to try to take off with it the next time you're at the gas station!

3. Slow down and decrease your need for speed

This is an area that a lot of people don't realize can get back to their insurance company as it can raise your insurance rates. Depending on what you drive, If you have Geico, Statefarm, or even Allstate, your insurance company may be keeping track of the number of tickets that you get and they may be even looking at raising your rates right now!

Because your driving record can determine your insurance rate, if you are naturally heavy on the peddle, you may want to ease up a bit. That's because your insurance company can keep track of your driving record and this can actually raise your rates especially if you've had citations in the past for speeding. By slowing down and showing a good driving, this can help you in the long run.

4. No accident claims

Another area that can help you is to be a safe driver. Be careful when you drive and also look out for other drivers by learning defensive driving techniques. Every year your record can get better and better if you learn to be a more responsible driver. That is why you may want to learn about defensive driving. It can not only help you on the road as you keep an eye out for other drivers who might be texting, reckless driving or just not paying attention, but it can help you. By avoiding accident, this will help you to avoid your insurance becoming more expensive.

5. Get more driving experience

Another area where you may find that your insurance is raised and this may have nothing to do with your driving record, is that your insurance company may be looking at your age. If for example you are under the age of 25, you are going to have limited driving experience, you may tend to speed more frequently, and you may need more coverage because you may have more accidents. Don't take this personally especially if you are a really good driver. It's just a rule that they have for new drivers.

These are all great ways that you can help to lower your insurance rates and you'll find that by staying safe on the road, and keeping an eye out for discounts from other insurance companies, it can help to keep your auto insurance rates down.

Ensure you're Insured - Stay Informed
Ensure you're Insured -
Stay Informed

Disclosure: The information presented is for informative purposes only. The author does not have any affiliation with any insurance companies referenced whether written or implied. Insurance services and their costs will vary for each individual and savings will vary for each person based on a number of factors. Any coverage or rates information have been collected from readily available sources online. For more information regarding the costs of insurance for your specific vehicle, please consult your local insurance services agency.