Mobile Apps to use If You Get Into A Car Accident

There are a lot of great mobile apps that can help you if you are in a car accident. Check out apps like AAA, AxiKit, Collision Call, SOSmart, Accident Report, Geico, Allstate and Statefarm Insurance. These are available to download for free and you can get them through iTunes Store as well as through Google Play.

Mobile apps if you are in a car accident

If you are in an accident, mobile apps through your insurance company or through a company like AAA, AxiKit, Collision Call, SOSmart, or Accident Report can help is because they have detailed information about what to do next. With these types of apps, you can rely on them if you're having a problem with your car or if you're in an accident and you need help right away.

Call 911
For starters, one of the first things that you want to do is make sure to call 911 first because if you were in an accident you want to ensure that the police and fire department and possibly even an ambulance are on the way to assist you or any other drivers that may have been in the accident.

Turn your engine off

Also make sure that you that you turn your engine off. Being in an accident is startling enough, but having the engine still running can cause it to overheat and if any gas leaks out this can cause an explosion so be sure to turn your car off.

Use your accident app

Next with the types of apps that you can use, one of the top apps that people refer to is AAA. The reason you can use a AAA app if you're in an accident is AAA can help because they can help you with information that you're going to need from the other driver(s).

Contact AAA

You can also use the AAA app if you need to contact AAA because you have this as a service. It's very helpful if you need a tow truck or you need a rental vehicle to be delivered to you because of the accident. Another reason to utilize the service is when you go to the AAA, it has different types of questions that you can ask the other driver(s) for, such as getting a picture of their insurance and registration information and getting their names.

Exchange insurance and registration information

You also want to verify who was driving their vehicle as your insurance adjuster will need this. You may also need to confirm if the driver of the other vehicle is the owner of the vehicle and if the vehicle is in their name. Try to get the information that you can from them right away if no one is hurt and the police haven't arrived. Sometimes people will flee from a scene if there are no witnesses because it's your word against theirs.

Get pictures of the accident

If you're not injured and the cops haven't arrived yet, another area that you can turn to for information is the AAA app or your insurance app through companies like Geico, Statefarm or Allstate because they can help to give you a checklist of what to do next which will include taking pictures of the accident scene and documenting what you remember happening while its fresh in your memory.

If you happen to be on your cell phone, smartphone, tablet or other mobile devise, just make sure you take pictures and if you can, record what you remember happening, as well. Taking pictures of an accident can help you especially if you do it right away. If the driver tries to flee, like if you're involved in a hit-and-run, you can get the vehicle make and model, the license plate and you may even be able to get a picture of the driver. Take some pictures with your smartphone, or with your tablet if you need to and you can also use a recording device if you need to document the accident if the police have not shown up yet.

Stay calm

Sometimes a driver will try to negotiate with you and say that they weren't at fault or they will take your information and give you information before leaving. As you have proof of the accident, the app can help you with any other questions to ask. And you have the information documented that's proof of the accident that you were hit by that particular person in the event they try to leave. Stay calm and wait for the police. The other person could actually be someone who is pretending to be the person whose information is in the car if it was lost or stolen and the registration and insurance information may not be theirs so wait for the police to arrive.

Lastly, when you look at the different apps such as Geico and State Farm and other car accident apps, the main thing is to stay calm. An accident can be very startling but just keep in mind that help is coming to assist you and give them information that they ask for as this can help to substantiate your claim in the accident.

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