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If you're looking for a full-service bank that has mobile features, offers insurance coverage and a host of other benefits, you may want to check out the Bank of Montreal or BMO. When you bank with BMO online, you have a full-service bank right at your finger tips. The Bank of Montreal isn't just your average bank, either. They have optimized services to help offer a convenient and easy to use dashboard screen to make banking easier. So let's take a look at the Bank of Montreal and the BMO services so you can sign up for a BMO online account and get the insurance coverage you need.

Bank of Montreal Services and Features

Banking at the Bank of Montreal is a new experience for some, especially if you're coming from a bank that doesn't offer an online platform. With the BMO online dashboard, you can bank on the go, use the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet and access the same accounts you would if you were in a branch.

The Bank of Montreal was founded in 1817 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The full-service bank and financial services firm uses the website for all of your banking needs. With over 47,000 employees, almost 1,000 branches and 7 million customers, you can turn to the Bank of Montreal for your checking, savings and money market accounts. You can set up a certificate of deposit or CD. You can start a new line of equity, apply for a mortgage loan or a new car loan and you can sign up for one of their newer insurance programs.

Bank of Montreal Insurance Coverage

The Bank of Montreal has insurance coverage plans and some start as low as $49 for basic medical coverage. Plan types include accident and critical illness insurance as this can offer coverage in the event of a sudden accident or hospital stay. Life insurance coverage is available with BMO and this is ideal for any head of household who may want to ensure they have adequate coverage to protect their family in the event of their death. Travel insurance is an option that can help to insure a trip and give added reassurance when one is traveling.

For anyone thinking about signing up for insurance coverage through BMO, they can go to BMO online and select the insurance tab to read about the various coverage plans that are available. The next step is to contact a representative from BMO and fill out the application form. This can help to determine the right type of coverage that one may require and the best plan for them, their household and their business.

Once you set up your insurance plan, you can pay your premiums right from your account and you can use the convenient BMO online service to file claims online and check the status of a claim if you need to. That's it. Everything in one convenient to use dashboard so you can bank when you want, where you want.

BMO Online

Whether you are looking at insurance packages or opening a new checking account with BMO online, the website is fast and convenient. It's also optimized to help busy travelers on the the go and anyone who wants to log in from their smartphone or tablet. Once you download the BMO app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store, you can then set up your account and bank on the go. The added benefit is that if you want to link your accounts, you can pay your bills online through your BMO account, you can sign up for text messages and alerts if a balance is running low and you can even get reminders when your premium payments are coming due so don't miss a payment.

As you can see, the Bank of Montreal is doing all they can to help customers stay connected with their accounts. When you're ready to open a new account, you can go online to the BMO website and set up your user ID and login. Once you have that, keep it stored securely and never log into the BMO online site from an email that you receive as these can be phishing/fake emails. Use the Bank of Montreal site and you can access all of your account features. If you have any questions about setting up the BMO insurance coverage or if you would like to start a new account, you can stop in at any branch in or you can go online to set up your new account. The Bank of Montreal is making it easier to bank and with the convenience of BMO online, you can bank how you want with the BMO products that are available online and at any of their branches. Sign up today!

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