Are Auto Insurance Rates Going Up Across The Board

Progressive Auto Insurance Introduction

There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that auto insurance rates are going up across the board. In fact, auto insurance rates have not been rising this fast since around thirteen years ago. Many cultural changes have occurred in the last decade or so, which is contributing to the fact that Progressive Auto Insurance is increasing at an unprecedented rate now. However, some people are worrying about the fact that Progressive Car Insurance might be getting steadily more expensive for customers one way or another.

Factors Influencing the Increase in Auto Insurance Rates

It should be noted that some of the factors that are increasing Progressive Car Insurance rates are actually positive. People are on the road more as a result of improved employment opportunities. The economy is not out of the woods yet, of course, but more and more people are still managing to find their way into jobs these days, and that means that more and more people are getting opportunities to commute at last.

Sadly, more commuting opportunities are often going to translate to more car accidents in practice. Getting more people on the road has always had its penalties, especially since people have a tendency to drive very recklessly as a result of their car commuting. It is possible that this part of the trend will start to reverse itself when the virtual workplace becomes a little more popular. However, at present, driving to work under very stressful conditions has become a fact of life for too many people, and this has consequences for society at large.

Gasoline prices have actually fallen slightly, even though they are probably never going to get as low as they were thirteen years ago. Still, in 2016, gas prices have managed to subside somewhat, and this is getting people back on the road some more. Since more people are employed today, more and more people can spare the money necessary for gasoline as well. Getting more people on the road for whatever reason is going to increase the number of car accidents. Progressive Auto Insurance is well aware of this trend, and they are trying to defensively raise their rates in the process.

Rise in Risky Behavior

Risky behavior is nothing new in drivers. After all, car accidents have largely declined over the past sixty years due to the fact that the cars themselves have become safer and the speed limits have become lowered. Otherwise, car accidents today would be as common as car accidents in the 1950's, and they would probably be just as disastrous now as they were then.

However, according to some surveys, it seems that the overwhelming majority of drivers have engaged in risky behavior. In a recent accident report, only around thirteen percent of the drivers surveyed said that they hadn't recently been driving without a seat belt or while using a mobile device.

Driving while using a mobile device is starting to become more and more common, in spite of the fact that there is a strong social taboo against it, and that the opponents of mobile devices are always talking about the dangers of driving while using mobile devices. The world is becoming more reliant on mobile devices, and people are getting more and more comfortable with using them. As such, far too many people are underestimating the risk involved with using mobile devices while driving, in spite of the fact that car accidents involving mobile devices are actually still on the rise. Progressive Car Insurance is well aware of this trajectory, and they are more or less preparing for the risky behavior of drivers in advance.

The Expense of Operating a Vehicle and Progressive Auto Insurance Rates

Americans are actually filing more and more insurance claims, and this is not always positive for Progressive Car Insurance. This is a company that is not going to benefit if more and more people are driving more miles and they're getting more and more payouts.

Auto parts are becoming more and more expensive, and this is going to make the associated rates of Progressive Auto Insurance go up as well. They're going to have to pay for the damages to vehicles, and that means paying for vehicles that are steadily getting more and more expensive to fix. Medical costs are increasing steadily as well, and that means that the people who sustain personal and physical damages in car accidents are going to end up costing Progressive Car Insurance so much more. The fact that so many of these factors need to be taken into account demonstrates the complicated and unsettling nature of auto insurance itself. Progressive Auto Insurance has to keep on increasing its rates in order to even turn a profit at this point as a result of the challenges of rising costs across the industry and society.

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